Too Many Cookbooks

The truth about me, Indian cooking and eating

img_8531.jpgThe week started with a bang – a 72-megabyte email some idiot tried to send me crashed my inbox and semi-paralysed my work day.

Sitting at home in my sheep chic pyjamas after the day’s drama, I needed inspiration for our dinner. I had a pack of frozen chicken and half a pot of sun dried tomato to work with. Nice!

I know, I know, you’re wondering why the hell I don’t make a curry. Sorry to disappoint my adoring fans (all six of you, including mother) but just because I extol the virtues of Indian cooking doesn’t mean I never eat anything else. Food is all about variety and I want it all.

There is a problem though. When I don’t fancy eating Indian food I find I have too many cookbooks and not enough recipes.

I’m kinda feeling the pain of seasoned blogger Heidi Swanson, who got sick and tired of buying cookbooks and decided to actually start using them instead.

As my chicken defrosts, I’ll just have to trawl through Jamie, Nigella, Delia and whatever else I can find sitting on the shelves.


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