Will the real Indian please stand up?

The truth about chicken tikka masala

Before I head off to eat dim sum and buy make up, I want to make an important point about Indian food.

Repeat after me. Chicken Tikka Masala. Is. Not. Indian.

Many of the dishes served up in the average Indian restaurant have been created especially for the Western Palate. Before I moved to England from India I had never heard of a phal, madras or tikka masala. And I am not alone. There are some stand out restaurants that are true to Mother India, but these are few and far between.
If I am totally honest, there is no such thing as Indian food. Each part of India has its own culinary influences and the dosas and idlis of the South are completely different from a Bengali fish curry. The word curry, too, is a fake. Curry means gravy. It is not, as commonly used, a word used to collectively describe an Indian meal.

I’m sick of the hotch potch, nonsense food that is passed off as Indian and sets off my digestive system and skin. You should be too. Stick to “real” Indian restaurants. Or better still, look for authentic recipes to cook at home.


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