Work in Progress

Drinks for Indian food

Since my cook curry, drink wine experiment went horribly wrong on Monday, I’m working on a list of what alcohol best accompanies Indian food.

I had the grand unveiling planned for today, but the combination of irrate client, stressed out boss and looming deadline have derailed my plans.

In India we never drink alcohol during the meal. Just lots of it beforehand.

There’s a real “arrive, drink, eat and bugger off” mentality at dinner parties. Most of the drinking happens before the meal and people tend to leave almost immediately after they’ve eaten. So dinner is served quite late.

Scotch dominates bar drinks and wine is terribly fashionable these days. If you’re eating lunch, beer is the main tipple.

Anyway, it’s quite different since I’ve moved. Mostly whatever wine is on offer and lots of Cobra (Indian) or Cusquena beer.

Tbc cop tomorrow as they say in the big bad PR world…


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