The Land of Curry

Taking a break

I am off home tomorrow to Kolkata (Calcutta) in India for a two-week holiday. Once there, I promise to try and use my mother’s relic of a computer, complete with window 3.1, to log into wordpress and write posts about all the wonderful food I’ll be eating.

But it may not happen. The last time my mother tried to do anything apart from send an email it spontaneously combusted and didn’t even flicker for months.

But when I do come back I promise to:

  • Write regularly about the new recipes I’ve learnt at home
  • Update my blogroll to incorporate all the wonderful blogs I’ve been reading lately
  • Stop moaning about the crap and fake food sold at wanabe Indian restaurants around the world

Maybe the third promise will be hard to keep…

Alvida (or ciaow for now)!


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