Meme, myself and I

Game of tag

I’ve been tagged. I did get very worried when I read this. Tagged? What exactly does this mean? Am I going to be followed, persecuted or simply watched closely on the blogosphere (this didn’t sound too awful).

I looked this up urgently and it appears I really don’t have anything to worry about.

This is my chance, thanks to Sra, to tell you all sorts of weird and wonderful things things about me in threes. It’s a game of tag, so Sandeepa picked her, she picked me and I’ve got to pick another unsuspecting bloggers. By the end of it we know more about each other than our favourite recipes and everyday bug bears. Sam has made a head start on this anyway…

So here goes:

Three people/things that make me laugh
My hubby, children and the film Clueless

Three things that scare me
Physical pain, ageing and terrorism

Three things I love
Cooking, travelling and talking

Three things I hate
Laziness, the cold and office politics

Three things I don’t understand
Men, languages and religion

Three things on my desk
Multivitamins, a rotting banana and lots of paperwork

Three things I’m doing right now
Trying to 1) be funny and failing, 2) work out how to enter my apartment block as I left the keys at home and 3) track down my wayward hubby

Three things I want to do before I die
Live life, travel far and wide and get people to appreciate and cook real “Indian” food

Three things I can do
Cook, offer solid advice and liven up your party

Three things you should listen to
Your husband/wife, your mother and your heart

Three things you should never listen to
Negative people, bad jokes and tuneless singing

Three things I would like to learn
How to keep my mouth shut sometimes, relax and Spanish

Three favourite foods
Chorizo, red meat and Biryani

Three beverages I drink regularly
Wine, vodka and water

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid
Anne Frank’s diary, Jane Eyre and Knight Rider

Ok, so that’s me. Now I’m going to tag you if you’re up for it:

David of Cooking Chat
Sam of Becks & Posh
Nidhi of Cooking Made Easy


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