A matter of age

Birthday wishlist

I am about to have a birthday soon. Normally, I would invite everyone I know, plan my own surprise party and buy a whole new outfit.

But this year, it’s different.

I am edging closer to 30 by turning 29 and as far as I’m concerned, it ain’t no cause for celebration.

While I’m going all coy on the number, I thought it would be sensible to send my hubby a modest list of my preferred birthday presents (just thinking about it now makes me cringe). So this is what I send him:

If anyone asks… this is what I want for my birthday:

The Bharti Vyas Ayurveda Book
A £25 Mac make up voucher
A Waterstones voucher for cookbooks
A new garlic press (a really good one)


I should have seen this coming, but within seconds he had forwarded this to all our friends, his brother and my sister, adding:

1 carat diamond platinum ring
Boob job to size DD
Driving licence (or driver)
2 babies, a boy and a girl

So while I sit back as the centre of attention for the wrong reasons and butt of all jokes, I thought I’d share with you how I know I’m ageing:

  1. I like brussels sprouts and spinach
  2. I enjoy trips to the countryside
  3. I refer to anyone under 22 as “youth”
  4. I call the noise police on neighbours partying beyond 3:00am

I will head home soon to sulk…


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