Celebrity Big Brother

Ignorance is not bliss on national TV

The Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been unfortunate enough to become a victim of bullying and accused racism in one of the UK’s most vapid reality TV shows – Celebrity Big Brother. Read all about it here.

This has blown up into one of the most criticised TV programmes over here in recent times, with Ofcom, the communications regulator, registering over 14,500 complaints and the show’s sponsor threating to quit.

Last night, the three girls accused of bullying Shilpa were sitting in the lounge as she swung past with a pot containing the remnants of a chicken dish she had cooked. As they tried to prevent her from doing it, she threw the remaining bones, oranges and spices down the toilet and clogged it up in the process.

The girls (understandably) got really annoyed with her and said a few more nasty things about how she never has to do any housework in India and doesn’t even know how to make a bed.

It looks like the real problem here is ignorance and not racism. The three bullies in the show have exposed themselves as completly ignorant of the lives of many Indians.

While National Geographic images of poor India are aplenty, the truth is that many Indians lead a comfortable life at home with domestic help – chauffeurs, cooks, nannies and cleaners. With high illiteracy and low labour costs, this is not a luxury for the super wealthy alone.

Take me for example, I never did any housework in India or even entered a kitchen. Once in England, I had to navigate my way around the basics of housework… but not until I had blown up a tin of baked beans in the microwave, served an uncooked meal, burnt a frozen pizza and yes, clogged the toilet with leftovers.

I am a mere ordinary mortal. Shilpa Shetty on the other hand is a Bollywood superstar. What do they expect?

The whole episode was cringe worthy to watch. But by picking on Shilpa the three girls are achieving little more than exposing themselves as the under-traveled, culturally challenged, thugs they really are.


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