I’m ill

Grumble grumble

I’ve been irritable all week. The first two days were spent almost entirely in the office preparing for the big mid-week meeting. Then came the meeting. It went fine and we all relaxed into our train seats, ready to tuck into whatever cold, stale food Virgin had to offer and head home.

The menu was incomprehensible. We want soup, but that’s only available on a Primo service. So? We are on a Pendolino.

Make sense? It didn’t to us either.

The food we could eat was unpronounceable or indigestible. A request for one portion of this combined with another portion of that was instantly rejected by the sullen-faced service manager: “You can only have one or the other.” Some cheek for £300 a pop tickets that could have bought us a weekend in Paris each.

Back in the office the next day, I succumbed to a throbbing migraine and left early. Now I’m stuck at home, nursing a heavy head and aching limbs at the mercy of my hubby and daytime television.

Needless to say, I am too fagged out to cook anything bar insipid grilled fish. The pack front says: salmon fillets. Allergy advice on the back reads: contains fish. Halleluiah!

I’m going to bed… (grumble, grumble)


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