Friday the 13th dinner party

Planning a party

It’s Friday the 13th. Call me superstitious, but I have already had a bust up at work, a tough client meeting and slipped on my trendy winklepickers and grazed my knee.

I now have a dinner party for 10 to look forward to, for which I have cooked an entirely Bengali meal of kosha mangsho, aloo kophir dalna, cholar dal and doi begun.

But I am afraid. Very afraid.

Will I forget the long-stemmed lilies at work?

Will I be exposed as a lying fake with a bleeding knee as I burn the food while trying to reheat it in the oven?

Will I get drunk before dinner’s served again this time as a result of an antihistamine overdose and not excessive alcohol consumption? 

This domestic goddess thing is way too stressful on a day like this. Wish me luck. Gulp! 


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