Alka Seltzer and mango lassi

Mangoes are an exotic hit for recovery

mango-lassi-2.jpgIt started the day I brought two mangoes into work last week. Now, I have developed a terrible daily craving for them.

So much so that after an evening of champagne in the park with friends, all I could croak the next day was “Alka Seltzer… mango” before passing out again in front of the bemused hubby.

I made mango lassi that morning. As a last ditch attempt to save my hurting head and aching belly. Low in calories and highly-effective digestive aid, mangoes are the perfect exotic hit you need to recover from virtually anything.

Thank God for mango season.

For 2:

1 large ripe mango (ensure its not fibrous)

400 gms of low fat natural yoghurt

Seeds from two skinned cardamom pods

Sugar to taste

Peel and slice the mangoes into quarters. Blend them with the yoghurt and cardamom seeds. Add sugar to taste. Enjoy.


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