Home and away

Luscious coconut rice spiced with curry leaves and channa lentils

img_8917.jpgIt is that time of the year. I am off to Kolkata, Thailand and Goa for the best part of six weeks.

Preparations began six weeks ago in earnest. By dear mother, that is.

First, she aired our room. A tribute to the eighties, complete with my trophies for winning egg and spoon races and coming last in a beauty contest. Then she road tested Biryani chefs oblivious to the global Basmati rice crisis.

I, for my part, have a filled a suitcase with thoughtful presents, too many clothes, and twelve pairs of handbags and shoes. (You never know who you’ll meet British Airways)

Of course, my holidays are only partly about lounging around. There are Bollywood dance moves to get right for my cousin’s five-day wedding extravaganza, the World Spice Congress to attend and a 100 aunties to keep content all in the space of the few weeks.

On the plus side – there will be Indian food. LOTS of it. Which I will then proceed to cook with every shortcut possible for myself and this blog.

So please bear with me. Have a BRILLIANT New Year. And treasure your Basmati rice supply.

PS = Pictured is Asha’s coconut rice. It is superb. I have cooked it for my boss and on Christmas Eve for all the family. I am still employed and my family love me more than ever. Need I say more?


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