A minor setback and unspectacular quirks

My six unspectacular kitchen quirks as the food photographer recovers

This week hubby, QIC’s photographic genius and investor extraordinaire, had a minor op. While he braved the NHS, I stood in a corner shaking like a leaf at the sight of gauze and tape. For all that gobby, brassy chit chat…

How appropriate, then, that I get tagged by Gori Girl for my six unspectacular quirks! Despite being somewhat quirky generally, I figured mine had to be Indian cooking-related here for obvious reasons. So here goes:

  1. The only shortcut I will not use is ready made ginger and garlic paste. It tastes of nothing. Frankly, if you can’t peel and mince the real thing you might as well order a pizza.
  2. I never make desert for dinner parties. After all that effort on the main savoury dishes, it somehow falls behind the agenda. Besides, what’s wrong with ice cream?
  3. My stomach can’t handle chillies. Shocking and inexcusable. But goes to show that you can cook and eat Indian food without setting your insides alight.
  4. My large kitchen has only two store cupboards. So I only buy a new spice variety when I run out of another one.
  5. I don’t deep fry at home. My conscience and clothing will not allow it.
  6. There is more frozen food in my fridge than fresh. I cook a lot, a few times a week and freeze everything apart from potatoes and rice to keep us going.

I tag the lovely Maninas, Elisabeth, Asha, Sandeepa, Smita and Nandita.

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PS = Hubby is making a speedy recovery and hopes to return to Indian food photography early next week.


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