Elle India, November 2011

The Influencers: Elle 25

What does it take to be POWERFUL? Ingenuity. Excellence. Fortitude. Dynamism. And the COURAGE to think up a big, INVENTIVE idea and then make it happen. ELLE presents a list of achievers who are breaking new ground in fashion, literature, technology, music, film, food and sport

“A couple of years ago, when anyone who could boil an egg became a food blogger, a good blog needed an absolutely fabulous USP. It had to be easy on the eye. It had to be smartly written in a tone that let you in just enough on the blogger’s life so you thought of them as a good friend. And the recipes, of course, had to be of the can’t-live-without kind. Mallika Basu’s QuickIndianCooking.com meets all of these criteria. Which is why it quickly became a bookmark that people around the world – Indian or not – still consider a go-to when they want to rustle up a quick and, most importantly, delicious Indian meal. Little surprise, then, that like all successful food bloggers, Mallika followed this up with a popular cookbook, Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living (HarperCollins, 2010).


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